Tweeting For @Chelt52 – a fabulous social project to share a different bit of CHELTENHAM each week…and unearth the town’s hidden gems!

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Myself and Tala Scott (lead singer with my party band Dancin’ Easy) will be tweeting for @Chelt52 from 16th – 22nd December!  Here is a sneaky preview of what you can expect from our tweeting…


Introduction – “Hi, I’m Kim Cypher, saxophonist and jazz vocalist, born and bred in the fabulous town of Cheltenham!  My work as a professional musician takes me to many amazing events and venues locally and across the UK.  I am involved in a variety of musical projects as well as performing solo as ‘The Wedding Saxophonist’ and running my own bands including highly popular Jazz Quartet (The Kim Cypher Quartet), Jazz/Funk Band (The Kim Cypher Band), Saxophone and Guitar Duo (Just The Two Of Us) and one of the South West’s busiest and most popular party bands (Dancin’ Easy).  I am very excited to be involved in this amazing local project and sharing a week in the life of a professional musician with you all.  I will be Tweeting with my musical buddy and lead vocalist with Dancin’ Easy, Tala Scott.  We’re taking over towards the end of 16th – 22nd December so there’s sure to be the sound of jingle bells!  Can’t wait!”

Why did I want to get involved in @Chelt52?Being born and bred in the fabulous town of Cheltenham, I am always very grateful for the incredible support I have received from local people, organizations etc.  Cheltenham is such a creative town and there are many, many hidden talents out there!

What is my favourite thing about Cheltenham?Cheltenham is a beautiful town with an abundance of amazing buildings, parks etc as well as fabulous shopping especially along the Bath Road and Montpellier.

What is my least favourite thing about Cheltenham?Hmmm tricky…I think it will have to be the derelict Odeon Cinema in Winchcombe Street.  It makes me sad every time I walk past it.  It was such a brilliant place and I spent many happy years there as a student working as an usherette with my mum who was the Assistant Manager there.  She loved that place and she’d be very sad to see it like that now.

What do I bring to Cheltenham?Fabulous music of course!

What can be expected from my week as a @Chelt52-er?Well, Tala and I will be around and about in Cheltenham in search of Xmas bling for our party night gigs!  So, expect lots of glitter, tinsel and bling together with tweets ‘live’ from our gigs.


Favourite place to eat – Definitely The Mayflower Chinese Restaurant, run by my good friend Chun Kong
Favourite place to drink – The Royal Oak Prestbury if i’m in a ‘casual’ mood or Hotel Du Vin if i’m all ‘dolled up’!
Best ‘hidden gem’ in Cheltenham? – My party band Dancin’ Easy of course!
Favourite Cheltenham Event – Jazz On A Xmas Evening with Pete Gill at the Bacon Theatre…it’s coming up during our week of tweeting on 21st December.  So, get your tickets now to be where all the tweeting is going on!


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