Thornbury Golf Club Surprise 60th Birthday Party!

Thornbury Golf Club

Wow, what a great night we had at Thornbury Golf Club!

Dancin’ Easy performed for a surprise 60th birthday party for Saro and all her friends and family.  Such lovely people who danced the whole night away!  There was just no stopping them.  They danced to pop, rock ‘n’ roll, disco, everything really.

Thanks to Robert for booking us.  We’re so pleased you and all your guests had such a great night and that you managed to keep the secret!

Thanks also for the glowing testimonial.  We’re so pleased you all had such a great time.

We hope to see you all again sometime.

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  • Rob on said:

    Hi Mike & Kim,

    Can’t thank you enough for making Saro’s party. Great sound/music, sound level perfect & lovely guys and girls! Just 110% perfect! It was brill!


  • Dancin' Easy on said:

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, we’re glad that everything was ok for you and Saro. We had a great time and thanks again for booking us and looking after us so well.