New Year’s Eve Ball At Bath Pump Rooms


Dancin’ Easy and our Jazz Quartet ‘The Kim Cypher Quartet’ had a fabulous time once again bringing in the new year at the Bath Pump Rooms New Year’s Eve Ball.

As always, it was a spectacular event with top quality catering, ‘live’ music, casino and discos.  Dancin’ Easy and The Kim Cypher Quartet have performed for this event for many consecutive years now and every year is a sell out and so much fun!

We had people up and dancing during the Jazz set, we celebrated Steve’s 50th birthday and then Dancin’ Easy partied right into the new year.  With a few minutes ’til Midnight, we struck up Wilson Pickett’s ‘Midnight Hour’ with a countdown into ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  It was quite a spectacle seeing the whole main Pump Room full of people up dancing, exchanging good year wishes and pulling party poppers!  All in all, a fabulous night and the most perfect way to bring in a new year.

Thanks to all at Bath Pump Rooms for looking after us so well.  Thanks also to Darren Jewell (one of the DJ’s) and everyone who came along and made the evening such a great success and so much fun!

Happy new year to you all.

Photos from the evening can be viewed on our band Facebook page at:

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