Emma & Steve’s Wedding at Homme House


Such a fabulous wedding at Homme House Much Marcle.

Dancin’ Easy was delighted to perform for Emma and Steve’s wedding.  It was a very well organized affair with lots of extra special touches to make it a day to remember.  Emma looked just stunning in her beautiful dress and the whole bridal party were kitted out in the full works including top hats.

What an absolutely LOVELY group of people!  We really couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to spend an evening with.  Emma and Steve were just lovely.  Sue, the Bride’s mother was absolutely fabulous!  She joined the band for several songs and even got in with the band photos!  Then there was Sue’s brother (younger brother as he pointed out several times!!!)  And then Emma’s lovely dad who was still recovering from all the bills he’s had to settle over the past few months!  Emma’s brother was so lovely and friendly, he even let the band change in his room, bless!  And then there were all the rest of the guests who were just such fun.  What more can we say other than the fact that performing for weddings like this with people like this is exactly why we love doing what we do.  We’re so glad you all had such a great time.

All our very best wishes to Emma and Steve and we hope to see you all again sometime…maybe at one of Sue’s parties??? X










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