Chris & Claire’s Wedding At Upper Court Kemerton


Dancin’ Easy performed for a fabulous wedding at Upper Court  Kemerton.

Such a stunning venue and such lovely people.

We had been looking forward to this wedding for a while as we had secretly met with the bride Claire to arrange a special performance for the groom Chris.  He was completely unaware that Claire had prepared a special rendition of  ‘Nobody Does It Better’ to sing with the band.  So, once the spectacular first dance routine was completed (and it really was very spectacular), you could see the look of relief on Chris’s face having successfully completed all his ‘formal’ tasks.  Poor Claire, still had her big singing performance to do…and nobody knew about it apart from the band!  Anyway, she did a totally amazing job of it and blew everybody away with her singing ability and her incredibly polished performance.  Well done Claire, we were very proud of you.  The look on Chris’s face said it all really, as if he wasn’t proud enough already of his beautiful wife.

The evening  continued to be non-stop fun and full of surprises.  We were joined by Claire’s brother Dominic on tenor saxophone and that was just so much fun!  Dominic was AWESOME!

All in all, a fabulous night.  Photos from the evening can be viewed on our band Facebook page at:

Chris and Claire are such a lovely couple and we know they will be very happy together.  We wish them all the very best for their married life together.

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