Charity Ball – Star Ball 2015


There is really only one word to sum up this year’s amazing charity ball The ‘Star Ball 2015′ and that’s WOW!

The theme this year was the roaring 20′s and everyone was dressed for the occasion.  It was quite a spectacle.

There were dancing girls who put on a dance show and then encouraged everyone to partake in a little 1920′s dance-off!  Following the dance routine, it was then time for Dancin’ Easy to take to the stage and party the night away until 1.00am.  After all the cries for ‘more’, an encore and then a special performance of ‘Congratulations’ for lovely Dave and Ellen celebrating their 5th anniversary, it was time to wrap the evening up.  We were all a bit sad that one of our favourite gigs of the year was over….who knows though, maybe, just maybe we’ll see you all again next year!

Great photos and video from the evening can be viewed on our band Facebook page at:

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